Emerging Infinite

Shiv is Infinite and Yog is Merging, therefore when you connect with ShivYog energy, you automatically start Emerging Infinite. Baba ji empowers by connecting you with the highest forms of healing and materialization powers, that allow you to erase, re-write, and then be the creator of your own destiny.

Avdhoot Baba Shivanand Ji

From The Master

Shiv Yog teaches us that Self Awakening is anything but living in seclusion. ShivYog is about understanding that the infinite energy of solace that we seek outside is actually within us. The unacknowledged seed of potential that is very much there within us has to be nurtured for it to become a tree laden with fruits of all round development and dynamic success in all walks of life. ShivYog is about opening your inner window to experience the beauty of the world as it exists rather than how we perceive it through the prism of our prejudices. View some succinct guidance from the Master of ShivYog, himself:

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